Citibank Restaurant Week India is back April 17-26, 2015!

#RWI is back April 17-26, 2015, featuring three course set menus at over 80 of Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai's finest restaurants at a fraction of a la carte prices. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for updates.
Event Dates:
Friday, 19th September to Sunday, 28th September
A little bit about Citibank Restaurant Week India
Citibank Restaurant Week India is a celebration of the finest culinary experiences in India held across Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. We offer you the opportunity to dine at each city's finest restaurants at a fraction of the price it would normally cost through a three-course prix fixe menu.
This allows participating restaurants to showcase their food by selecting dishes representative of their philosophy and diners get to experience restaurants they may have hesitated from trying. More importantly, however, it is a celebration of some of the best restaurants our country has to offer and a time for us to be proud of our culinary scene. 


Fine Dine Magazine
As an online culinary event platform, we felt we wanted to showcase our restaurants and, more importantly, the people we work with, through a less fleeting medium. To that effect, we've created our first ever magazine, titled Fine Dine. We hope it will help you know about some of the nicest restaurants across our three cities. At worst, we hope it's a decent read! Please pick up your complimentary copy of Fine Dine at some of our participating restaurants. You can also view the entire magazine online by clicking on the link. Most importantly, we would appreciate your feedback via email - [email protected]
Citi Chef's Table Week

A spin-off from Citibank Restaurant Week India, Citi Chef's Table Week features Chef's Tasting Menus across some of our finest restaurants in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Participating restaurants offer a customised six-course menu where customers have the luxury of not having to worry about what to order with signature dishes showcased (though dietary preferences are taken into account). The focus here is also on interacting with the person behind the restaurant's menu - the head Chef - and letting him or her showcase the best each restaurant has to offer.

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