Peshawri, ITC Sonar

Address: JBS Haldane Avenue (Opp Science City), Kolkata, West Bengal , 700 046 India
Email:[email protected]
Lunch: 12:30 PM-2:45 PM
Dinner: 7:00 PM-11:45 PM
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Child Policy: Children are permitted

About the Restaurant

Peshawri - Robust flavours of the North- West Frontier : At the Peshawri, ITC Sonar food is cooked entirely in clay ovens known as tandoors, the heat is imparted by live coals at the base - regulated to impart just the right amount of heat required to cook a particular dish. This style of cooking requires great expertise on the part of the chef, since the meat is not accompanied by sauces or gravies but is only pre-marinated and cooked just before being served.

Chef Naivedya

<span rgb(34,="" 34,="" 34);="" font-family:="" "default="" sans="" serif",="" verdana,="" arial,="" helvetica,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" small;="" background-color:="" rgb(255,="" 255,="" 255);"="">Chef Naivedya, Trained at Bukhara ITC, Maurya under the guidance of Executive chef J.P. Chef has rendered services at ITC Maratha and now at ITC Sonar. In His tenure he has received a number of Trip Advisor Appreciation's and awards for the signature Cuisine.
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