Shanghai Club, ITC Grand Central, Parel

Address: Parel

Participating in: Restaurant Week Mumbai March 2012

Restaurant Week Delhi timings: 1pm & 8.30pm

Address: 287, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Parel  Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012

Telephone: 022 40175110 -5109

Dress Code: Smart Casual

For more information, please visit :

About The Restaurant

“The  Shanghai  Club”  an  ideal  restaurant  for  the  true connoisseur of oriental  food  is  tucked  into  one  corner  of the bustling Multicuisine
complex.  A  stark  contrast  of  epical dimensions awaits the guest at the entrance of the authentic “Shanghai Club”. The  contradistinction is created by the cheerful melee of Kebabs & Kurries as  it  melts  away to stupendously reveal a condescending serenity that is truly characteristic of the exotic east; constantly defying definition. The conceptualization  of  an  authentic Oriental restaurant is reciprocated by the  presence  of  the  wooden  Chinese  Dragons  that  adorn the roof; the paradoxical Oriental symbol of wealth and luck.

Stepping  into the fascinating world of “Shanghai Club” incessantly reveals quaint and demure high wooden ceilings with exposed and exquisitely created
teak  rafters.  A  nostalgic  reminiscence  of  China’s culturally rich and gastronomically  superior  past  -  where  turbulent  and diabolical quakes
resulted  in  an  immense  exodus  that  forced residents to live in wooden houses  with  beams  and  rafters. Here, at the “Shanghai Club” festive and
invigorating  lanterns  in  multitudes of maroon and ivory raw silk dot and beautify the serene surrounding. It  incorporates  subdued  warmth  and  a colorful depth to the traditional Asiatic  décor.  The  harmonious  blend  of  the flame polished granite and sturdy  Burma  Teak flooring add an extravagantly sophisticated gleam, once
again  in  distinctly  sharp contrast to the joyous rustic interiors of the Indian Restaurant.

The  kitchen offers the most popular dishes of the Shanghai region, perfect for  the  well–seasoned traveler with a knowing palate. Perfect as well for the novice–gourmand who is keen on widening his gastronomical vocabulary.

The  overseas Chef Yang will ensure authentic cuisines from this region. An honest  and  coherent  effort  is  made  to  introduce delicate and neutral ingredients  that  promise  to  harmonize  with  the  red hot fiery dipping sauces.  The  sweet  flavors  surprise  and  shock  simultaneously  with  a brilliance  flash  of  tangy  sourness  and  the  indelible  crisp textures pleasantly  enclosed  an exclusive and unexpected filling. For such, is the philosophy  of  Taoism  of  which  this curious and mysterious cuisine - to strike a delicate balance of all opposites, adding a heightened interest of revisiting one of the healthiest ways of life ever.

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