Smoke House Room, New Delhi

Address: New Delhi

Participating in Restaurant Week Delhi March 2012

Restaurant Week Delhi Timings: 8.00pm & 10pm

Address: Third Floor, The Crescent Mall, Lado Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Telephone: +918800777074

Dress Code: Smart Casual

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About The Restaurant

Smoke House Room’s fresh, dynamic eating experience and high energy cuisine holds its own inside a conceptual, futuristic interior.

Nestled on the third floor of The Crescent Mall overlooking Qutub Minar is a dining room with space for 42 adventurous epicureans, ready to embark on a sensory degustation. Adjacent is a kitchen laboratory, equal in size to the dining arena. Lining the polished steel benches are gadgets more recognized by those in white lab coats than white chefs jackets; dehydrators, vaccuumizers, sous vide machines, thermo circulators, liquid nitrogen canisters, ph scales and brix meters, to name a few. And it is in this space that the way the world views dining in Delhi will change forever.

Creating its own identity and claiming a position at the forefront of modernist fine dining Smoke House Room is a space where imagination takes to the plate. After honing his skills in Western cuisine during extensive experience as the executive head chef of Impresario, chef Gresham’s visionary kitchen sorcery is a unique new style of gastronomy. “I’ve grown up cooking, beginning with the dishes my mother loved and the flavours of home. But after traveling and eating at leading restaurants all over the world I’ve seen where these tastes and techniques can enhance contemporary cuisine and create something totally new for restaurant goers.”

Gresham says, “Now Smoke House Room is the place where I can really cook my way, playing with flavour combinations, textures and putting inspiration onto the plate.”

Next to the dining room a dazzling, electronic sunset illuminates the cocktail bar. With a drinks list that spans the liquid spectrum from conundrum cocktails to the finest wines from across the globe, there’s a surprise in every sip. Innovative and ingenious, Smoke House Room’s ‘signature’ slurps will amaze and delight daring drinkers. Dare to drink, and be delighted. The Smoke House Room bar is a liquid personification of the restaurant’s cutting edge cuisine. Unique and unusual cocktails created by our expert mixologist use some techniques also found in Gresham’s kitchen – for example, spherification.

Every great degustation is mirrored in its matching wines, carefully selected and effortlessly explained during the meal.

The time has come to savour an international wine list, delight in molecular cocktails, engage with an open, cutting edge kitchen team and submit your senses to the delights of a degustation at Smoke House Room.

Chef Gresham Fernandes

Gresham Fernandes couldn’t have known it then, but growing up in a joint family in Bandra with his father’s four brothers and innumerable cousins, and a matriarch with legendary culinary skills would give him the perfect head-start to a career that would be a way of life for him.

Gresham’s love for food and affinity for cooking started from a very young age. By the time he finished his 12th grade, he knew he wanted to enroll at Rizwi College of Hotel Management. Gresham propelled straight to the top of his class and often requested to stay in the kitchen so he could remain his reclusive self and let his skills do the talking. That’s when he had the epiphany that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

From the frying pan of Rizwi to being placed into the fire of The Leela’s five-star kitchen under the able guidance of Executive Chef and free spirit Frank Mueller provided Gresham with the finishing touches where he worked for 3½ years.

In 2004, a friend introduced him to the CEO of Impresario - Riyaaz Amlani and he was inducted as Sous Chef at Salt Water Grill (SWG) in Mumbai. The mandate at SWG was to experiment with cuisines and palates. Gresham spent his days in SWG (from 2004 and 2006), riding his bike out from Bandra to Marine Drive and cooking up recipes and ideas in his head on the way there.

When SWG shut down in 2006, Gresh went on to open Aurus in Juhu (Mumbai) under Chef Vicky and furthered his culinary skills, while cementing his reputation as an experimental chef.

So when Riyaaz Amlani (IEHPL) wanted to open his homegrown café in Bandra (Mumbai), he approached Gresham and gave him his first restaurant kitchen in the form of Salt Water Café (2009). SWC’s casual chic and mouth-watering comfort fare became an instant landmark on the discerning Bandra scene. But long ago, Gresham and Riyaaz had dreamt of opening a limited-seating restaurant, dedicated to all things gourmet. A free-flowing creative kitchen where the serious craft of food as art could be explored without traditional limits or boundaries. A biking road trip through Spain in 2010 strengthened their shared vision.

Enter Smoke House Room – a fresh, dynamic experience, serving progressive cuisine, inside a conceptual interior which was launched at Crescent Mall, New Delhi in October 2011. One-third of a 20,000 square feet space, which also includes a molecular bar and a nightclub (SHRoom), Smoke House Room gives Chef Gresham all the freedom he craves to produce the masterpieces he’s always wanted to. Working from a global pantry (Gresham and Riyaaz flew around the world, taking in experiences from Michelin star icons) and creating stories behind every dish at Smoke House Room, Gresh still attributes everything to his cultural upbringing. Mixing his Bandra roots with the five essential tastes of salty, sweet, bitter, acidic and umami – Gresh is innovating with unparalleled permutations and combinations, which will offer you a hint of the familiar fused with a delightful new world of undiscovered textures and tastes.

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