Olive Beach, Ashok Nagar

Address: No 16. Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore 560025
Telephone:080 41128400 / +919945565483
Dinner: 7:30 PM-10:30 PM
Dress Code: Smart Casuals

About the Restaurant

Olive, one of the finest restaurant brands in the country, opened its trademark blue doors in Bengaluru in November 2005! Having created a gastronomique revolution in Mumbai & Delhi, Olive Beach, Bengaluru is an entirely new space that embodies the spirit of "Olive" and yet defines its own unique style.

Committed to celebrating and bringing to its patrons the finer things in life, Olive Beach now takes us further to its roots… one that captures the essence and magic of a Mediterranean beachside. Olive Beach is a rustic hideaway where food, drinks and talk blend in a Mediterranean melting pot of great cuisine, warm sunshine and good company. Beaches always bring back a sense of déjà-vu, of happy memories, idyllic moments, laughter and the warmth of the sun. It is this very essence of timeless charm that Olive Beach brings to our lives.

Set in a quiet nook off the busy Richmond Road in Bengaluru, Olive Beach is situated amidst the shade of a giant tree, in an old-world villa converted into a glamorous Mediterranean restaurant. But Olive is not just a pretty space: its' an adventure, an epicurean delight, stylish, elegant and natural - a mellow place to relax and unwind. The menu at Olive Beach is a truly gourmet experience. Fresh flavours and herbs unite with ingredients sourced and skillfully prepared from gastronomic styles of the Mediterranean coastline. This culminates into a palate pleasing, innovative cuisine that is undoubtedly unmatched and achieves a perfect balance between contemporary Mediterranean fare and traditional comfort food.  The emphasis is on freshness and unrivaled quality of the ingredients and the focus lies in its creative presentation.

The design and styling weaves together the "Olive" experience with timeless charm, a perfect marriage of style, art, culture and cuisine. Through its efforts, Olive has created benchmarks in the Indian independent restaurant business and is steadily becoming a landmark eatery that matches any other across the globe.

Chef Kavan

Growing up in a traditional Kodava family, Kavan learnt quite early in life that food surpasses mere sustenance. His interest in cooking began at a young age watching his mother cook during his holidays and watching his grandmother cook on a wood-fired chulah. Both of them were excellent, self-taught cooks. But seeing his father cook on a special occasion was kairotic; after which is when he started to help, lend a hand, occasionally make an omelette or spruce up his mother’s curry to his liking. But it always remained a hobby.

Going with the most lucrative career choices of the time, Kavan got a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics, midway through which he realized that his passion always lay in the kitchen. It was a battle juggling the semester exams and figuring out how to go about convincing family and himself that he would be cooking in the near future. Right after graduation, he enrolled in a restaurant to make sure he knew in what direction he was heading.

He then enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), got accepted with a scholarship, only to have his visa rejected thrice due to his technical background; no one believed that an engineer wanted to go to culinary school. He gave it one last shot and made it to Hudson Valley. While at the CIA, he worked at least two jobs with the skills centre, mentored other students and also worked serving jobs at various banquets in country clubs and school events. He staged at Jean George, Le Bernardain, Momofoku Ko, Bouley & Eleven Madison Park. He also had an opportunity to work at Eleven Madison Park – his dream intern site. He then got to work under Chef Daniel Humn, where he learnt keen attention to detail and precision cooking techniques. Kavan graduated from the CIA to land the first interview at his School’s career fest to work at the Little Nell, Aspen, Colorado; (a five star, five diamond property in the Rocky Mountains) under Chef Robert McCormick. Here, he worked in different sections of the kitchen and gained experience working on the hotline, garde manger section and also learnt the basics of baking.

Kavan returned home to India in January 2014 and missed being in the kitchen so much that he started working at Olive Beach, Bangalore’s renowned Mediterranean restaurant, within two weeks of moving back. Olive Beach, Bangalore seemed like the most natural choice as the restaurant was headed by alumni Chef Manu Chandra, Executive Chef Olive Beach, Bangalore, under whose guidance he has had the opportunity to develop his skill set.

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