The Pink Poppadom, Ista Hotel

Address: 1/1, Swami Vivekananda Road, Ulsoor, Off MG Road, Bangalore 560008
Telephone:080 25558888

About the Restaurant

Pink… the new obsession… the colour of creativity and liberated thought; creativity that gives birth to a great new concept of innovative cuisine – The Pink Poppadom.

The globalization of Indian cuisine attracted the best culinary talent in India. It was a matter of time before reinterpretations of this cuisine began to surface. International ingredients and cooking methods were creatively used to produce fascinating interpretations of old masterpieces. The Pink Poppadom reflects this spirit of innovation which is rooted in centuries of tradition and captures the movement towards the modern palate.

The menu opens up an array of exquisite creations like exotic Blue Cheese Naan, Lobster Moilee, and Flambéed Rasmalai Baked Alaska. Perfectly complimenting the eclectic menu is our array of new and old world wines.

The restaurant's show kitchen is the stage for our Master Chef's to display their magic to our audiences. Pink Poppadom's lively open air bar, the award winning Liquid, sets the mood with its natural ambience, groovy entertainment and signature Indian spice inspired cocktails ....this is where your new love affair with creative Indian cuisine begins!

Chef Gautam Chaudhry

Conceptualized and developed ‘The Pink Poppadom’ restaurant , after having worked in hospitality for over a decade in India and abroad.
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