Royal Afghan, ITC Windsor

Address: ITC Windsor, 25 Golf Course Road, ‘Windsor Square” Bengaluru 560 052
Telephone:+ 91 80 41401205

About the Restaurant

The Royal Afghan, is ITC Windsor’s Robust flavours of the North-West Frontier restaurant, located under a spreading ‘Peepal’ tree by the side of the swimming pool. It offers the most picturesque location for serving this  unique  cuisine of the North West Frontier. Copper candle-stands with glass chimneys, throw a romantic mellow light on the highly polished marble tabletops, gleaming copper tumblers  and the ochre earthenware. The ITC Hotels  chain , is known for the excellence of its cuisine and The Royal Afghan, lives up to this reputation, offering the finest selection of the food of this rugged nomadic region.

Chef Raj Kamal Chopra

A hardcore Punjabi by heart, he can weave magic with his fingers when it comes to a culinary fare. Working with ITC for the past 25 years the Chef knows the nuances of his trade like the back of his hand. Though his core expertise lies in the genre of bakery and confectionary, he has mastered his art of varied cuisine to perfection.

In the absence of Chef Raj Kamal Chopra, Chef K.M. Srinevasu will be available

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