Szechwan Court, The Oberoi Bangalore

Address: 39 Mahatma Gandhi Road. Bangalore 560 001
Telephone:080 2558 5858 / 4135 8202
Email:[email protected]

About the Restaurant

The Szechwan Court is resplendent of Noveau Chinese spirit both in terms of its decor and cuisine. The elegant interiors look onto the serene view of a gurgling waterfall, viewed through sheer curtains of gossamer gold.

It reflects new age Chinese cooking which is high on flavour and texture. Chef Liang Cheng, the master chef from Beijing has a vast store house of experience.

Another great attraction of this place are its two private dining rooms, each having a capacity for 8 people. Each room converts into your own private restaurant enriched with silk paneled walls with Chinese inscriptions and a collection of black and white photos from China.

Chef Liang Cheng

Chef Liang Cheng is a young Chef all of 27 years of age...

He is a Beijing boy having spent a large part of his life and career there.

He was inspired to become a chef as he loved good food and meeting people... He felt by being a culinary ambassador for his own country he would find the perfect way to bring his culture to other communities and take learning’s from each one for himself too.

He has worked with well famous brands in Beijing from Intercontinental to Ritz Carlton.

Bangalore and Szechwan Court at The Oberoi has been home for him for the last 2. 5 years and he loves the city and its people and presenting his food to guests spanning the whole globe... 
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