West View, ITC Gardenia

Address: No.1, Residency Road, Bengaluru 560025, Karnataka, India
Telephone:080 22119898

About the Restaurant

West View-The Grill Room brings you a careful selection of the most exquisite flavours from the Global Pantry.


Crafted from traditional recipes garnered from remote chateaux in France, warms kitchens in elegant English manors, grill houses on the East and West coast of America, cool Mediterranean villas and bustling German farmers’ markets; seasoned with its gifted chefs, West View offers a fine expression of these varied palates.


Brought to you in five distinct courses, The Grill Room is an experience, where you define the pace, flavours and sequence of your meal.


In addition to the services offered by your dedicated ‘Dinner Guide’, our Chef’s strive to provide the quintessential bespoke experience.


Make your evening a cherished occasion at ‘The Oval’, high table within the exclusivity of our celebration room.

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