Yauatcha, MG Road

Address: Level 5, 1 MG Road Mall MG Road Bengaluru 560 008
Telephone:1800 266 1000
Email:[email protected]

About the Restaurant

Yauatcha is a contemporary Dim Sum tea house which opened in London in 2004.
The restaurant is a modern interpretation of the traditional Chinese teahouse.
Yauatcha received a Michelin star within one year of its opening. 
Yauatcha is a haven for food aficionados tucked away in the city’s prominent culinary haunt in the central area of Bengaluru. With direct elevator access, an elegantly designed bar with Satvario marble awaits you on the 5th floor of the premium 1 MG Road Mall. An interactive kitchen to one side has master chefs at work, to the other side is a wine cellar done in textured pinewood, comprising of an extensive wine collection handpicked by the International team in London. In the centre of the bar area are two long community tables with high chairs seating 20 guests. On the far end is a delightful laser cut, under lit, bar counter seating 12 persons.
The Yauatcha dining area seats 108 guests. Tables of two and four are interspersed on the euro marble floor making the entire dining area experience calm and serene while at the same time being a part of a buzz of activity. Beautifully embroidered Chinese motifs on the leather chairs and sofas lend an added sense of grace to the restaurant. Yauatcha Bengaluru has one private dining room seating 10 persons with a warm wooden ceiling and blue opaque glass work.
The vast glass façade allow diners to gaze out while ensconced in their little cocoon. Sunlight streams in through the day, while the evening gives a glimpse into the twinkling lights of the Bengaluru skyline.
Modern Authenticity is at the root of Yauatcha’s design, cuisine and service. Yauatcha’s cuisine is inspired by history, acknowledges the traditions of the past, yet also interprets them for today. Yauatcha’s aim is authenticity in a modern setting. Having received a Michelin Star within its first year of opening, Yauatcha London has successfully brought its expertise to India.
Our chefs have taken recipes from all over China, and using cooking methods true to a thousand years of Chinese tradition, have infused them with a modern sensibility. The result is authentic Cantonese cooking with a contemporary flair – at once subtle and thrilling – and all made with the best ingredients.
Yauatcha’s menu offering, served throughout the day, is Dim Sum dominant cuisine. Traditionally there are about ten Dim Sum dishes that form the generic definition of what Dim Sum is all about.

Chef Kushal Lama

I still remember the first time i made Dim Sum and it turned out to be a disaster. Dim Sum making was not an easy task at that time so to learn and master my skills i joined my uncle’s restaurant in Kolkata my hometown indeed a city from where the Chinese cuisine has come to India.

After being trained and worked under several Expat Chef’s in various restaurants for 9 years, now at YAUATCHA Bangalore i run the show with a team of 25 Chefs. Bringing you the most exquisite Dim Sum and Chinese food with the same authenticity but with modern touch.

I am very much passionate about my job. I love cooking and i strongly believe a way to person’s heart is always through his food.

My cooking Style

Contemporary Chinese food - authentic Chinese food with modern touch. Contemporary food are the food with the same authentic taste and flavor but with different method of cooking and presenting them.

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