Kefi, Taj Club House

Address: No. 2 Clubhouse Road, Mount Road, Chennai 600002
Email:[email protected]
Dinner: 7:00 PM-11:30 PM
Dress Code: Smart Casuals

About the Restaurant

Meander through the Mediterranean under a starlit sky

Enjoy the flavours and cuisines from Greece, Morocco, Spain, Lebanon and Turkey at Kefi – the Mediterranean specialty restaurant at Taj Club House. To the Greeks, the word kefi implies the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm and high spirits; the restaurant reflects these very emotions with its romantic ambience and of course, the authentic Mediterranean food. Soak in Kefi’s rustic beauty as you dine under the stars with lilting Mediterranean music, an exotic menu, flowers, candle lights… everything that makes for a private, unobtrusive, magical evening of romantic dining.

This indulgent experience begins at the hotel lobby, where you are escorted to a customised alfresco roof-top tent, embellished with your partner’s favourite flowers and aromatic candles. With the pool glistening under the moonlight, enjoy a selection of romantic tunes, played by your personal musician. A five-course menu, specially crafted by Executive Chef Siddique follows, which is customised with aphrodisiacs to elevate the mood of the evening. Some of the exotic fare includes Antep Mezze, a traditional Turkish cold mezze of green pepper, parsley, onion, tomato and chilli pepper; Dolmadakia Yalatzi, a Greek specialty of vine leaf filled with vegetables and Egyptian rice; Moussaka, a Greek preparation of eggplant and zucchini in tomato sauce with mashed potatoes; Samak Makhli, pan fried pomfret with Middle Eastern spices; Prawn Pastilla, a Moroccan specialty of prawns encased in a flaky golden pastry, lobsters cooked in Mediterranean spices, caviar and a whole lot more. A selection of oven-fresh breads in a variety of flavours and various cheeses adds to the dining experience, as do the exotic beverages that accompany each course of your meal. End your meal with some signature desserts like Baklava, Phyllo pastry with walnuts and pistachio, flavoured with rose syrup; Kazan Dibi, rice custard with sugar and cinnamon or a customised recipe to woo your partner.

Whether it’s the surprise in your partner’s eyes to see a ring in the glass of champagne or a personalised fortune-telling dessert, there’s no better place to ‘pop the question’ than at Kefi, where an amazing bespoke experience awaits…

Signature dishes

DISH 1: Tapas de Marisco (Trio of smoked salmon roulade, crisp white baits and grilled scallop)

DISH 2: Spanakopita (Baked pastry triangles filled with spinach, feta and pine nuts)

DISH 3: Chicken Pastilla (Chicken and sundried tomatoes encrusted in flaky golden pastry)

DISH 4: Baklava (phyllo pastry filled with a choice of walnut, almond or pistachio flavoured with rose syrup)

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