Neung Roi, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi

Address: National Highway 8, Mahipalpur, Near I.G.I Airport, Delhi NCR, 110037
Email:[email protected]

About the Restaurant

Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Launches Delhi’s Newest Thai Restaurant Neung Roi

Neung Roi celebrates cuisines from across the length and breadth of Thailand and ‘Sum Rap Thai’ or the Thai way of eating

With a menu inspired by cuisines from four distinct culinary traditions of Thailand, Neung Roi promises to offer an unprecedented and amazing dining experience that takes you on a unique voyage through Thailand’s rich gastronomic diversity.

Dishes from four regions of Thailand: The dishes at Neung Roi draw inspiration from the four major culinary traditions of Thailand representing the country’s four regions (Isan or the north east, Lanna or the north, the Isthmus of Kra or South and the Central Plains).

The dishes from Isan are marked by their simplicity but with intense flavors. They are uncompromisingly bold and spicy. Home to the Thai culinary masterpiece Som Tum, the food from the region is hot and uses lime and salt to balance the dishes and is marked by an abundance of salads, dips, broths, grilled and cured meat.

Lanna, which means “One million fields”, refers to the northern region of Thailand. Though the primary seasoning characteristics of Lanna cuisine are hot and salty, the comparative gentleness of the climate has a mitigating effect on the food which primarily uses the ingredients to balance the seasoning. Lanna cuisine is bereft of the oft used ingredients in other Thai regional cuisines like fish sauce, shrimp paste or coconuts.

Cuisine from the Isthmus of Kra or the south of the country is influenced by culinary styles of neighboring Myanmar and Malaysia as also coastal India. The region’s proximity to the sea and flourishing greenery is visible in their cuisine which has abundance of seafood and fresh produce. Availability of many varieties of chilies makes the food of this region the spiciest in Thailand. However, abundant use of coconut cream, along with astringent turmeric, sour fruits and salted relishes render a perfect balance to the dishes.

Cuisine from the Central Plains has a broader range of flavors and dishes compared to other parts of Thailand. Though hot and salty are the dominant tastes, the use of a broader range of seasoning leads to multiple flavors, textures and tastes in a single dish. This has led to the flavors being mild, subtle and balanced. And not only this, even the presentation of the food is intricate and very meticulous.

Chef Yenjai Suthiwaja

Thai Chef Yenjai’s insatiable fascination & love for cooking started at a very tender age of 6, when she spent hours cooking alongside her mother for their family. Straight after school, with lots of enthusiasm & passion, she began her career as a kitchen helper at Amari hotel, Phuket. Since then, she had travelled & worked in various reputed restaurants of Dusit Thani, JW Mariott, Novotel, Renaissance & Banyan Tree before landing on Indian soil.

Chef Yenjai has more than 20 years of experience & interprets Thai cuisine in a modern & refined way to capture the delicious & exciting range of flavours, textures & aromas the cuisine has to offer with more focus on seasonal fresh ingredients.

Chef Yenjai has intricately prepared & designed her new menu at Neung Roi from the four culinary regions of Thailand- Isan, Lanna, Central & South. She is insistent on being hands on and successfully perfects the art of combining the best traditions of Thai cooking.

Catch her up in action while she takes everyone for a gastronomic tour through the heart of Thai Cuisine. 

Chef Sreenivasan will be available in the absence of Chef Yenjai.


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