Pan Asian, WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi

Address: I Floor, WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi, 17
Lunch: 12:30 PM-3:30 PM
Dinner: 7:00 PM-11:30 PM
Dress Code: Smart Casuals

About the Restaurant

At Pan Asian, WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi one can savour the flavours of East Asia in a journey that begins with an intensive tour of Chinese Sichuan and Beijing province, the second major stop being Thailand, followed by The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Transit stops in Indonesia and Burma, with two important overnight stops in remote and rustic Mongolia and in the Land of the Morning Calm, Korea. The signature restaurant is a result of research on these cuisines, over a period of time, by our culinary experts, during their frequent trips to the Orient to gather expertise and resources.

The highlight of Pan Asian is its interactive kitchens with seating around it, which encourages a close interaction with the chefs thus enabling guests to enjoy the experience of watching their meals being prepared according to their personal preferences.

The interactive kitchens feature, Chinese & Thai stir and Wok Fry; here one can sample the Mandarin style eggplant with black mushroom in Hoi sin sauce or the Siamese style hot basil chicken with garlic and fresh red chillies or the Red snapper with three flavour sauce, Thai style. This kitchen also features the Shinjiang Roaster credited to China's Shinjiang province, famed for its bar-be-cue meats prepared in a charcoal fire oven, similar to the Indian tandoor. This cooking style spread to other parts of China, over centuries, each province eventually evolving its own signature variation.  The Peking Duck (traditional roasted duck with hoi sin sauce and steamed pancakes with cucumber and spring onions) is innovatively carved in interaction with the guest a signature offering and part of the Pan Asian Sunday Brunch.

The Mongolian Brazier: This counter facilitates the Mongolian style of cooking which originates from the days of Chingis Khan, where soldiers grilled meat on battle shields heated over char coal, adding vegetables, spices and seasoning found near their areas of conquest in times of war. Thus whilst ingredients invariably differed over season and place, the cooking style was resurrected recently as featured in the restaurant using a heavy metal hot plate. Here you can choose combinations from the display area of meats, seafood and vegetables, with seasoning and sauces for the chef to grill on his modern iron battle shield.

Japanese - Yakitori & Teppanyaki Grill: The Japanese section features Yakitori & Teppanyaki styles of preparation. This station also features the Teppanyaki, which is the Japanese style of cooking on a Teppan flat grill (stainless steel hot plate). Teppan cooking originated from the need to grill chicken and Japan's famous Kobe steaks for guests. The style evolved into a performing art form as most of us know it today.

Korean Bar-be-cue (Bulgogi) and Hot Pots: For the very first time in India, Korean bar-be-cue in-built grill tables have been especially designed where seafood and meat (especially tenderloin) is grilled at your table and paired with kimchi, sticky rice and dipping sauces. The grill also facilitates the Hot Pots, a tradition popular in most Asian culture, which encourages the concept of family or group dining. Here, one can partake of a leisurely meal, prepared in a cauldron of boiling stock in a pot over the grill, prepared as per the region's tradition. To this sliced meats, seafood and vegetables are added and simmered at the table during the meal with an assortment of dipping sauces.

Sushi Bar and Sashimi Shimmers

Seat yourself at the Sushi Bar and watch the chefs' hands flash like a magician's, quicker than the eye. His hands grab a handful of sushi rice from the Hangiri and dexterously almost magically form the rice into a plethora of shapes with carefully sliced seafood perched atop to make the famous Nigiri or rolled in a sheath of seaweed to make Maki, Futomaki, Hosomaki, Californian rolls. There is also the conical Temaki and the battleship Gunkanmaki ..the list goes on.

Team these pleasurable delicacies with Pan Asian's shimmering selection of adroitly sliced raw seafood or Sashimi, flanked by a chiffonade of radish, wasabi and pon-su sauce.

Décor / Ambience

The interiors of the restaurant reflect the spirit of Asia, replete with its oriental coloured walls and pillars, Chinese paper lamps, urns and bamboo shoots. The service staff is equipped with wireless communication devices to enhance guests' experience in the restaurant. In addition to the above there is a special display area for the Thai carvings and salads.

Pan Asian also boasts of an exclusive bar and a wine cellar-cum-showcase with a discerningly assimilated wine collection from across major wine producing countries and vineyards, a library of Asian beers paired for special enjoyment of corresponding food choice.


Chef Nakamura

The Chefs...

Chef Nakamura from Tokyo, Japan will entice one with Japanese flavours, Chef Peng from Beijing, China, a Dim Sum specialist; Chef Som offers the fiery tastes to subtle flavours of Thai cuisine and finally Chef Peter who orchestrates the kitchen under the guidance of Executive Chef Rajkamal Chopra.


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