Rara Avis, Greater Kailash 2

Address: M 27, M Block Market, GK II, New Delhi, India 110048
Telephone:011 41085544 / +91 9818176449
Email:[email protected]
Lunch: 12:00 PM-4:00 PM
Dinner: 4:00 PM-1:00 AM

About the Restaurant

Brainchild of Jerome Cousin and Laurent Guiraud, Rara Avis, a French Bistro, is in GK II M Block Market.

Imagine sitting in a quaint street-side eatery on a cobbled street in the City of Lights, strains of music wafting through the air, gulping down warm mouthfuls of deliciously simple and robust dishes that are the culinary legacy of the Parisians - such is the magic of Rara Avis, Delhi’s first traditional French bistro by Jerome Cousin and Laurent Guiraud, in partnership with food lover and entrepreneur Mr. Rajiv Aneja. For critics and connoisseurs alike, the venue offers a casual ambience with what Jerome and Laurent like to define as “Food just like our grandmothers used to cook”!

While the space indoors is reminiscent of a cozy French establishment, the terrace offers one of the few great views in the city - a big, beautiful park and an unobstructed view of the city's skyline (gasp!).

Jerome and Laurent skillfully combine the simplicity of home style cooking with oodles of unpretentious flair and taste. Add the French duo who are visibly, and deservingly, proud of their new venture, “The products we use extensively are mostly artisanal and everything is home-made from bread to desserts.” Jerome and Laurent have also decided to take their vision of a homely kitchen a step further, by creating their own brand of preserves that produce jams, pickled vegetables, preserved fruit, cookies and seasonal pates & Foie Gras.

Open from 12 pm to 1 am, this little slice of France awaits you!

Chef Jerome Cousin

Jerome is a French National living in India for the past 9 years. His journey as a chef can be best described as an accolade winning performance of the culinary art that he has created, time and again, for people to enjoy across the globe and, most recently in India.
Born in Franche Comté, to a French father and a Swiss - Italian mother, he was groomed extensively at his family restaurant established 3 generations before. At the age of 6, cooking on the “piano” – the proverbial term used for a cooking range in French, came naturally with the support of his grandfather who went to the extent of designing pot and pans in a smaller size to ease Jerome’s induction into the culinary world.
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