Varq, The Taj Mahal Hotel

Address: Number One, Mansingh Road, New Delhi - 110011
Telephone:+ 91 6651 3152/ + 91 11 66513151
Email:[email protected]

About the Restaurant

Varq is a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary sophistication. Visually spectacular in every way, this elegant Indian restaurant is located at the lower lobby level overlooking the hotel's beautifully manicured gardens. Varq seamlessly married the traditional Indian themes with a simple palette of bespoke furnishings.

Grand Master Chef Hemant Oberoi has taken Indian food to a different dimension with new techniques, innovative presentations and usage of organic produce and spices. He has reinvented Indian food with unusual creations and pairings thus creating an exclusive gourmet dining experience. The menu is a rich accumulation of Indian recipes evolved to the next level of modernity and served in pre plated portions.

Varq also offers a private dining room for 14 guests. Within the private dining room, two evocative and contemporary figurines, one male and one female, will be sure to charm and humour their audience. In complete contrast, other artworks within the private dining room include two large gold and silver shields that have been intricately carved in a traditional style and a series of four captivating modern figurative oils on canvas that depict a goddess. Here, cuisine and art fully merge for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Each dish is a craft in itself with different flavours permeating to its core. Varq retains the Indian traditional way of cooking while using exotic ingredients like Sea bass, sand crab, black cod and  morels.

Awards and recognitions achieved by Varq.
• Varq voted in the top 50 restaurants in the Eleventh annual listing of The S. Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants Asia List . Varq ranked as 32 amongst the top 50 restaurants in the The S. Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants Asia List 
• Varq ranked among the 101 Best Restaurants in Asia by The Daily Mail 
• Varq ranked among the Foodie top 100 restaurants announced by Glam Media

Chef Mayurdhwaj Singh Ranawat

Profoundly creative, innovative and self motivated, Chef Mayurdhwaj comes from the city of lakes Udaipur in India and has been among the most consistent chefs at The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. Chef Mayurdhwaj carries an experience of over 11 years in the Indian specialty kitchens, he joined Taj in 2004 as a part of the Hotel Operational trainee and since then he started growing in his carrier path.

Chef Mayurdhwaj has been a part of the Varq which is one of the signature restaurants of The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. Varq is known for its Modern Indian food across the globe and has been a part of the top best restaurants of the world and has also received a lot of awards and international reviews for the same. Chef Mayurdhwaj has been a part of various Indian food promotions and festivals in India and Overseas as well. Mayurdhwaj carries a lot of flavors and expertise in his style and is also known for his art on plate which he does extremely well when it comes to presenting the Indian food. Listing below a few awards and recognitions achieved by Varq.




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