Cafe Prato & Bar, Four Seasons Hotel

Address: 114, Dr E Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400 018
Telephone:91 22 2481 8222
Email:[email protected]
Other Info: Instagram : @FSMumbai

About the Restaurant

Café PRATO & Bar brings the flavours of Italian, Mediterranean and Indian cuisine to the lobby level of Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai. High ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides of the restaurant flood the interior with light, creating a bright, comfortable setting for business meetings and social occasions. 

Breakfast is served daily and features Continental, international and regional favourites, including soft, fluffy idlis (steamed rice cakes). The thoughtfully selected all-day à la carte dishes, including pizzas and pastas, contemporary main dishes, kathirolls, home-style curries and kebabs, are perfectly suited for a quick business lunch or a relaxed afternoon bite with friends. In the evening, candles and lanterns transform café PRATO & Bar, creating a warm atmosphere for enjoying a casual dinner. Not to be missed are the expertly prepared martinis and cocktails and the eclectic selection of wines. 

Chef Chaitanya Sharma

“The right attitude is a quintessential ingredient for success.”

Chaitanya attributes his passion for cooking to a number of teachers through his life but he derived the early inspiration at home from his father. One of the most important lessons Chaitanya learnt was that “The experience of cooking is as important as the ingredients of the dish.  "People are nostalgic about food and the style I have inculcated is to give someone the comfort factor of being at home”, he says - probably the reason why the patrons at café Prato keep coming back for his signature dishes.

Chaitanya idolises the legendary Marco Pierre White, and fusses over the smallest details when in his chef's hat. Outside work, Chaitanya is a passionate painter. Ask him, “if not a chef, then… a painter for sure”, he says. His work hours make it difficult to spend time at home but his wife and one year old daughter give him enough reasons to achieve the a healthy work life balance. When alone, he loves to unwind in the solitude of a quiet, long drive to refresh his mind with new ideas.

In the constantly evolving culinary world, Chaitanya  feels that guests have a well-travelled palette, with an appetite for authenticity. While he is partial to all things conventional, Chaitanya loves to experiment by injecting local flavours in the clichés to create a ‘twist’ and pleasantly surprise his diners. 

“Guests travel miles for a great experience and I definitely want them to remember the taste of my food forever. It is the ultimate compliment for me”, he says with a knowing smile.

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