The Thalassa Pop Up at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mahalaxmi Racecourse

Address: Amateur Riders Club, Mahalaxmi Racecourse, K. Khadye Marg, Mumbai 400034
Telephone:022 4085 9596
Email:[email protected]

About the Restaurant

The Olive Bar & Kitchen is happy to announce ‘The Thalassa Pop Up’ at the Racecourse Olive, as they along with owner-chef Mariketty Grana bring Goa’s much loved restaurant ‘Thalassa’ to Mumbai.

Much like any Olive, Thalassa is more than a restaurant. It is an experience, a space for cooking with love. And because the Olive group consistently delivers new food lifestyle experiences, the city now has its first ever pop up restaurant concept for a season, embracing food, drink, design and décor in a delightful, large hearted Mediterranean melting pot.

The Thalassa Pop Up takes center stage this September onwards in a setting that could very well be the charming and comfortable home of a friend.

The new menu has been put together by Mariketty in association with the Olive team with an abundance of fresh, seasonal ingredients cooked using time-honored, island style methods.  The food experience is carefully crafted to go beyond taste. It begins with the wafting, spicy aroma of meltingly tender Souvlaki wraps, moves to an array of mouth watering  fresh seafood, grilled to order, and ends on a high note with the salty, flavorful Kleftiko. A day spent here promises to be a food lovers paradise.

AD Singh, Managing Director for Olive Bar & Kitchen, first met Mariketty in 2009, over a plate of her special pepper calamari. "She is a great host, and runs a great kitchen" says AD. "In many ways, Thalassa is like Olive: you come for the food, sure, but also for the warm, big-hearted feeling of camaraderie, laughter and great conversation. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would find a way to share that experience with our regulars in Mumbai."

Chef Mariketty Grana

Mariketty Grana doesn’t like to be referred to as a ‘chef’. She’s a ‘cook’. She cooks with her heart for her guests who she treats like family. Food is celebration of love, it is her passion and the one thing that makes her happiest. 

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