Stella, The Leela Mumbai

Address: The Leela, Sahar, Mumbai - 400 059, India
Telephone:022 6691 1234 / 6691 1219 / 6691 1220

About the Restaurant

Experience the luxury of fine dining, as Stella offers exquisitely simple Italian cuisine enthusing the senses with subtle flavours, creative flair and delicate finesse. The menu is based on Italian regional dishes, authentic ingredients and the freshest seasonal items, complemented by a wide range of fine quality wines.


The fine dining experience starts when you walk through the impressive floor to ceiling wine library housing a vast array of wines from around the world. Exquisite furnishings and stunning stellar artworks complete the ambiance of the restaurant. For those seeking more privacy there is an exclusive Private Dining Room seating upto 12 guests.

Chef Marco Priolo

Born in Chiari, Lombardy, this Italian recognized his affinity towards pots and ladles quite early in life, when he was all of 14 years of age. After 5 years of rigorous study in the culinary academy of Gardone Riviera, his first assignment was with Zucca Restaurant as assistant to the sous chef. From there, he travelled through Italy and various other countries gathering valuable knowledge and wooing palates along the way.

What brought him to being a chef? “My grandmother and my mother! The dedication and passion with which they made food have been the most inspiring lessons of my life.” A gourmand by habit, he loves exploring new cuisines and lives to eat.

Chef Marco plans to bring in more varieties of traditional Italian flavors ranging from the north to the south of Italy, as well as classic presentations that have never been brought to the Indian table before.

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