West View, ITC Maratha

Address: Sahar, Mumbai - 400 099
Telephone:022 2830 3030

About the Restaurant

West View brings you a careful selection of the most exquisite flavours from the Western world. With traditional recipes from remote France chateaux, grill houses on the East and West coasts of America, rosy kitchens of English manors, leisurely Mediterranean villas and bustling German marketplaces, West View covers a wonderful plethora of a variety of fine cuisines.


Brought to you in five distinct courses, by the ‘Girls at the Grill’, your dining experience is a journey full of surprises, where you can decide the pace, flavours and order of your meal.


Initiated at the Enoteca-The wine library, your wine of choice is graciously served at your table. The restaurant has no written menu and the menu changes daily; celebrating the ingredient and showcasing the freshest produce used in preparing the day’s well contemplated signatures.


While you take in the interesting elements of the restaurant and begin to contemplate your evening the chef sends to your table the day’s Amuse, a small tasting. Tiramisu of chanterelle, boletus and porcini flanked by hazelnut and tarragon baklava. Next you are escorted to the Cold Buffet Carte. Playful, piquant and fresh, this course brings you a collection of cold appetizers from the world markets and the Global Pantry. Signatures include white asparagus ties with roast rose apple salsa, guava glazed scallops with candied sunflower seeds, to name a few. Yet, before you can decide what to serve yourself, your food guide, from the all-lady hostesses’ team, requests you to select your main course from our centerpiece, The Grill. An artistic display of the freshest seafood, choicest cuts of meat and a wide vegetarian selection. Indian ocean catches including Parrot Fish, Grouper, Baby Pomfret, Sand Lobster, vie for attention as do Atlantic Pollock and Chilean Sea Bass. The meats on the grill are legs of farmed quail, artisanal sausages, aged Jaipur lamb, New Zealand lamb among others. The vegetarian collection includes skewers of Portobello, boletus mushrooms, beet crepes with leek and feta bind, grilled zucchini with rosemary and candied garlic rub, uchepos with jalapeno and molten Monterey jack


Back at your table with a plateful of cold appetizers you are served an assortment of artisan breads with herb butter and your choice of the day’s country soup from West View’s Soup Tureens. The Grill course – of your selected preparations- arrives soon after…Mashed potatoes, risotto, steamed vegetables are your choice of accompaniments served with barbeque, horseradish and mustard sauces.


If you have opted for certain preparations like Lamb Chops they arrive on the Rock Grill, a lava stone heated to 400°C and a sand hourglass is placed at your table.


The Dessert Gallery is exquisite selection including traditional puddings. The Pudding Club features elegant puddings like the Madagascan Chocolate Pudding, served with Hazelnut. A cheese trolley is rolled in. Artisan cheese with home-made fruit compotes. As you sip your espresso you reminisce and feel pleasantly indulged.



The key to the subtle pleasures of the Western cuisine is how its flavours transform to open up an entirely new and surprising palate of flavours and when paired with the right beverages. While there are no fixed rules to pairing, and your preference is what ultimately decides the compatibility of textures and taste, a few suggestion might help make this vast and complex play of flavours a rewarding one.


The Enoteca at West View–The Grill Room is stocked with some of the finest wines and beverages to transform your dining experience into an exquisite culinary journey of discovery. Our sommeliers will be pleased to assist you in your selection with each course.


Make an eminent culinary journey through the occidental meal, with us at West View-The Grill Room

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