Azure, Vivanta by Taj- Yeshwantpur

Address: Level-1, 2275, Tumkur Road, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore-560022
Telephone:080 6690 0111
Lunch: 12:30 PM-2:45 PM
Dinner: 7:00 PM-11:30 PM
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Child Policy: Children are Allowed

About the Restaurant

<span lang="EN-GB" 10.5pt;="" line-height:="" 115%;="" font-family:="" helvetica,="" sans-serif;="" background:="" white;"="">A Mediterranean medley. Inspired by fresh, crisp and healthy foods. See fresh herbs travel directly from the garden to your plate. All adding zest to modern Italian, Moroccan and Greek delights. Azure, with its contemporary design, is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Bangalore. A wine rack and a mosaic wall make for a stunning display as a Tapas service bar stretches out in front. Choose a private dining room or an al fresco seating. There's nothing more Mediterranean than breaking bread together in a large group, at a community dining table. The pendant lights have a strong Mediterranean accent in their design, which is also pronounced in the ambience, upholstery and the groovy rugs. Crave for more Moroccan casserole creations. Or simply enjoy baked Greek specials with generous helpings of relishes and olives.

Chef Uddipan Chakravarthy

Chef Uddipan is passion personified. He has worked for a decade and a half at Taj hotels in Delhi and Hyderabad. But it was in Mumbai, under Master Chef Ananda Solomon that he was inspired to lead.

Forever exploring new styles and innovating to delight, Chef Uddipan believes in the simplicity of food and the flavours of the seasons. "Eat with your hands" is how he believes local food is best enjoyed. Be surprised when he offers you the taste of simple home cooked meals stylishly delivered in metal Tiffin boxes to your room.

The accolades and many international awards that he has received make him one of the most celebrated chefs in the Group. His guest list ranges from world celebrities to heads of state. He has worked closely with celebrated food critics like Rashmi Uday Singh and celebrated food writer Matt Preston on several joint projects.

Experience all that Vivanta by Taj stands for in Chef Uddipan. Not only is he stylishly spirited, his work has a vibrancy which challenges you to engage. Charming you with small surprises and generously embellished with a spontaneous smile. 
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