The Lantern, The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore

Address: No 99 Residency Road, Bangalore 560025
Telephone:080 49148000
Email:[email protected]
Lunch: 12:00 PM-
Other Info: Location : Level 1,2,3 Bar Timings : 5pm to 11.30pm

About the Restaurant

The Lantern is a remarkable amalgam of casual fine dining and cutting-edge nightlife designed by International avant garde designers Super Potato. Resembling a Chinese lantern, the restaurant’s unique dining and lifestyle experiences explore diverse aspects of the world-famous Chinese cuisine.

Authentic Dim Sum creations explore the complex interplay of flavor, color, aroma and texture while regional specialties from across China such as hot and sour chicken soup and ‘ma po’ tofu celebrate the time-honored classics of China’s distinguished culinary history.

Two levels of indoor seating are characterized by rich hardwoods and stately granites. Exotic textiles and porcelain vessels line the walls and recessed lighting bathes each table in a warm luminescence.

Outdoors, the al fresco dining experience is accentuated by lush foliage and the gentle gurgle of flowing water. Occupying the third level of the venue, the fashionably spare Lantern Bar serves distinctive Asian beverages, spirits, wines, cocktails and beer.

  • Traditional Dim Sum creations served from roaming carts
  • Fragrant masterpieces from across the Chinese culinary tradition
  • Indoor and outdoor restaurant seating
  • Evocative Oriental décor
  • Stylish lifestyle bar
  • Distinctive Asian spirits and mixed drinks

Chef Sidney d’Cunha

Chef de Cuisine Sidney D’cunha heads the culinary team at the Chinese restaurant and Dim Sum house, The Lantern at The Ritz Carlton hotel, Bangalore. Chef Sidney’s area of expertise is Indian and Chinese Cuisine. His journey dates back when as a Sous Chef he headed the Masala Kraft Restaurant ,The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai “ 10 Great Hotel Restaurant Awards 2012” by Hotels Magazine and  Villeroy & Boch. Similarlyhe headed the Golden Dragon restaurant in bagging the best Chinese speciality restaurant in the “Times Good Food Guide Award 2013”.His experience took him across the globe as an Indian Chef at Taj Pierre New York.

Chef Sidney believes in Commitment towards any task at hand, Punctuality, Self-Motivated; Team Player. With strengths so inimitable and experience Chef Sidney is a valuable asset to the Ritz-Carlton.

Chef Sidney quotes “With over 9 years in the industry and having had the opportunity to learn and work with the best chefs, I have never been more driven about producing high quality food. I truly believe that passion & hard work is the recipe for success.”


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