September 2013

Republic of Noodles, Lemon Tree Premier

Address: Ulsoor Lake, 2/1, St. John’s Road, Bangalore, 560042, Karnataka
Telephone:+91 9742106080
Email:[email protected]

About the Restaurant

Republic of Noodles was started its journey in Goa in 2007 which introduce Southeast Asian Cuisine in India, and has made his mark in a dining experience offering Asian food from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos and Burma, cuisines which is rarely found. Southeast Asia is a cook’s paradise and the food here at Republic of Noodles is truly an art, the region stretches east from India and Bangladesh to the southern border of China.

The major influences on Southeast Asian cuisines have been exerted by China from the east (the wok and noodles) and India from the west (curries). Perhaps the most profound impact on the region’s cooking was made in the 16th century, when the Portuguese brought the chilly from the America. Today the fiery chilly provides signature heat in a Southeast Asian meal.

The food and service been highly appreciated by our regular Asian guest and has been an admirable experience for our local community.

Republic of Noodles has achieved MIELE Guide Award for the finest Restaurant in Asia, and has been awarded twice by Times Food Guide.

Presently we are operating six Republic of Noodles in different cities and successfully maintaining the high standard to provide a quality service to our guest and looking forward to explore all over the world.

Chef Surajit Ghara

Surajit Ghara is a self motivated and passionate Chef started his career from 2001 in Ambassador Skychef Delhi, later he joined an Award winning Chinese Restaurant in Hyderabad to learn Chinese food under the skilled  Chefs and slowly grown his interest to expertise  in different Asian cuisines. During his culinary journey he got opportunity to work with great Australian Master Chef Bill Marchetti in a luxury hotel in Goa, where his work has been highly appreciated by Chef Bill, Executive Chef Mathew Crop of Oberoi Mumbai and Sri Lankan Chef Mark Smith. It’s encouraged and inspired him to cook Southeast Asian Food and has his own interest to do something different. Then he learned Japanese cuisine in Radisson, there he met French Chef Yaan Chretien and started dreaming to becoming an Asian Master Chef.

Later he joined with the pre-opening team at Lemon Tree Premier Ulsoor, to open Republic of Noodles. There under the guidance of Master Chef Yu Hing Tham and group Corporate Chef Rajiv Srivastava he polished himself in Southeast Asian food, and has been specialized in Asian food world. Chef Surajit is a hands on and an extremely talented chef and now successfully handling Republic of Noodles in Lemon Tree Hotel company in most of the city.

His love and passion towards food has already made a mark on the Guest heart and his creativity has explored the best food menu in all the outlets. Republic of Noodles Menu has given our group a different identity for Asian food lovers and looking forward to explore the outlets in all over the world.

Chef Surajit has introduced many new dishes in the menu from his own creativity like Crispy Water Chestnut and Bamboo Shoot with chilly lemongrass, MHAD Noodles, Pork Bong Sauce, by adding Olives with Asian Food with a twist of traditional Sambal belacan which has been very popular and been in demand in all the outlets. Guest is always asking for Prawns and Olive fried rice. 

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