Dakshin, WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi

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Lunch at 1:00 PM on Saturday, April 6 2013.
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Address: I Floor, WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi-17
Telephone:91 11 42661122

About The Restaurant

Dakshin is the result of years of research and trials across the four southern states of India, by our team of chefs and culinary experts. This team sourced information and ingredients from noted and celebrated cooks in the region. Gourmands from traditional south Indian communities were invited to sample the dishes as they were being developed resulting in some of the most delectable dishes from the region.

Each item on the menu is cooked in its own distinct spices and style. This is a far cry from the idlis and dosais, typically associated with South Indian cuisine, which are traditionally consumed for breakfast in the South of India. For example at mealtimes, there are many specialties, which grace the average south Indian table, the people in Andhra Pradesh are passionate about their Gongura Mamsam, the Keralites savour their Meen Moilee, the Chettiyars feast on their Chicken Chettinad and the Bunts from Karnataka relish their Masa Stew.

There are many subtly flavoured meat and fish dishes, which provide an interesting range of flavours, seldom sampled outside the home. In the South of India rice, as a staple is used in unimaginable forms from, puttus in breakfast to payasams for desserts.

At Dakshin, WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi guests may try an array of dishes that represent the strong influence of various communities on the cuisine of the south. One can sample a home-style Kerala stew, cooked in coconut milk or a red-hot Andhra mutton curry. Many of these dishes are served with rice. Others come with spongy and crisp Appams, or string hoppers "idiappams".

One of the many USP's of Dakshin includes the Iyer's Trolley, a live trolley named after Chef Paramasivam Iyer, which serves small adais, banana flavoured dosais and the ubiquitous kunni paniyarams.

An array of freshly ground chutneys are offered which provide subtle impressions of the main ingredient in them and gracefully compliment the food, making the meal an experience to savor. The chutneys include - a tomato and onion chutney converting simple ingredients into a feast of flavours, the curry leaf chutney, which is extremely flavourful, the quintessential coconut chutney and the chlorophyll tinted coriander chutney, just to name a few.

Even such a familiar ingredient as dahi (yoghurt) is transformed by the south Indian style, creating new taste sensations. The Madhurams (desserts) feature a range of tastes with lentils and milk, rice and coconut being combined in unique ways.

Décor / Ambience

This restaurant takes its inspiration from the temples of southern India. The ambience of the restaurant is reflective of the temple influence, prevalent in southern India. At the entrance is the traditional brass lamp (Velaku) and the Urli (vessel) with flower petals floating in water (the presence of a water body in temples is a must in south India).

The temple influence is further enhanced by the temple door menu design and the ceiling lights in the shape of temple bells. Traditional woodcarvings adorn the walls along with south Indian artifacts .All this, to the accompaniment of South Indian Carnatic music.

The tables are pre-set with silver thalis and kattories and brass tableware that kindle one's imagination to a bygone era in a setting that epitomizes the rich and cultural heritage of southern India. The dishes are served from traditional vessels like the 'Urli' and the 'Adduku'. Traditionally attired restaurant staff in 'panchegajam veshti' offer hospitality and friendly service with polite suggestions of the various combinations from the four states.

Dakshin beckons connoisseurs from all over to savour the delights of South Indian cuisine in all its ancient and yet vibrant glory.

Chef Velumurugan P

- MASTER CHEF AWARD 2010 : The PHD Chamber in collaboration with Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) and Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA) is celebrating the International Master Chef South Indian Cuisine Award 2010)

Participation History

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Restaurant Week Delhi September 2012 Menu
Citibank Restaurant Week Delhi April 2013 Menu
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