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Dinner at 9:30 PM on Friday, September 18 2015.


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En - Fine Japanese Cuisine, Mehrauli

Address: New Ambawatta, H-5/1, Kalkadas Marg, New Delhi 110030
Telephone:011-26646471, 26646472,8826297103

About the Restaurant

What is Japan for you ? Strange, with interesting people, age-long traditions and customs, marvelous places to visit and unforgettable Japanese cuisine?

'En' is a holy word. It means synchronicity, as significant as co-incidence, a blessed relationship, an invisible connection, of fate and destiny.

Some kind of 'En' brought us here from Tokyo to Delhi, to open our restaurant.

It's a fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine complimented by carefully matched wines chosen to further accentuate the taste. A perfect venue to catch up with family and friends or for that intimate dinner. Always relaxing and yet very contemporary in design. Bordering in the ancient with the pristine surroundings of the Qutub Minar peeping at you.

We invite you to sit back and enjoy the cultural experience that 'En' has to offer.

Upon entering 'En' guests are greeted with the expression "irasshaimase" ."Welcome, please come in".

As a Japanese custom the hostess will guide you and lead you to your table. Only in rare cases, are guests expected to seat themselves. Soulful Japanese tunes will welcome you as you enter into an atmosphere of traditional simplicity.

The aura is for you to enjoy as the evening progresses with an array of sun downers. The cuisine draws inspiration from the expression of art and a decor that compliments your personality. Private dining, with a private view. The romance of silence awaits you.

Japanese food is one of the world’s healthiest cuisines. It has evolved over centuries and has been influenced by several social changes. Due to the unique style of cooking and seasoning, it still remains the most distinct cuisines in the world..

A few aspects that set Japanese cuisine apart from other cuisines is it's emphasis on using quality ingredients, particular seasonality, and its impeccable presentation. 

The Japanese are still devoted to their classic cooking traditions. And 'En brings to you that culture of fine dining and authentic cuisine that's savored only in Tokyo

The Japanese food is one of the top rated cuisines in the world. The fact that Michelin Guide has presented maximum number of Michelin stars to Japanese restaurants is the proof for it.

Lastly, 'En' believes that one not only eats with the mouth but also through the eyes.

Welcome to Fine Dining...

The easiest way to say cheers in Japanese is with an enthusiastic 'kanpai'!   We take you through an experience of the traditions and customs of the country's famous alcoholic beverages including sake, shochu, and whisky. While many of the cocktails are En's original creations, there are some fascinating classic Japanese drinks and Japanese-inspired twists on a few all-time favorites like the Shiso Ume Mojito and Bloody Mari-Chan. A great place to begin your personal exploration of mixing with a Japanese flair.

An eclectic atmosphere where the service is exact and focused. We invite you to enjoy the evening.

Indulge in one of the most picturesque settings in the capital. The venue itself, with its Four Private Dining Terraces is unique and jaw-dropping.

The terraces aptly named 'The Tableau' gives it the appeal to create the air of escapism that you feel as soon as you walk into the skies. The four terraces have a flexible seating. The Tableau is yours for the taking, that can be hired for receptions, corporate events, private events and for exclusive use soaking in the beautiful setting that overlooks the Qutab Minar.

Get in touch with our Banquet Manager for a memorable event that you would savor for a long time. So come and enjoy the trademark warmth of 'En' hospitality

Chef Katsuya Honda

Chef Katsuya Honda, who has an experience of 15 years in Washoku cuisine, will be presenting his craft at EN for the next six months. "This heritage status is the one of the biggest honors that a Japanese chef can get. It is at par with a Michelin star," says Honda.

He describes the art that is Washoku. "The cuisine is associated with a spirit of respect for nature and is closely related to the sustainable use of resources." One can witness the cuisine in its glory during the New Year celebrations in Japan. "The Japanese make various preparations to welcome the deities… pounding rice cakes and preparing special meals using fresh ingredients, each of which as a symbolic meaning," is how the cuisine is described in the UNESCO list. One of factors that have led to the heritage status is that the cuisine plays an important role in strengthening social cohesion among the Japanese and gives them a sense of identity.

Honda will be presenting dishes like omisoshiru or traditional white Miso soup. You can request for traditional Washoku fare like the shira-ae, a mashed tofu salad that is served chilled. Made with carrots, spinach, jelly-like konnyaku, green beans and tofu, the shira-ae is not an easy dish to find in most Japanese restaurants.

Washoku is all about cooking from the soul, a belief treasured by Honda. "I bring a method that has been honored over time to create a signature style. I always put something special in my food - my heart or kokoro, as they say in Japanese," he says.


Chef Miyashita will be available in the absence of Chef Katsuya.

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