Mekong, Palladium Hotel

Address: Level 37, Palladium Hotel, 362, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013
Telephone:+91 22 6162 8422
Email:[email protected]
Lunch: 12:30 PM-2:30 PM
Dinner: 7:30 PM-11:30 PM
Dress Code: Smart casuals with closed foot wear.

About the Restaurant

MEKONG takes diners on a culinary journey through the course of its Namesake, transporting guests to the old-world mystique of the River’s neighboring districts of Yunan and Sichuan in China, and across Thailand and Vietnam. Helmed by a team of native Chefs, the regional cuisines of these areas, complemented by a vast Dim Sum Menu, present an award-winning dining experience that is truly par excellence.

This gastronomic journey begins with the authentic tastes of Yunnan, the province with an immense variety of remarkable, flavorsome cuisine, with strong ethnic character. Going southwards to Vietnam, patrons experience a country with an affinity for fresh ingredients and a minimal use of oil; and a strong reliance on herbs and vegetables. The experience then spans through Thailand where the intensely aromatic food boasts a complex interplay of finishes. Experience the four flavors - Salty, Sour, Sweet and Hot- that are the main tenants of all these regions in the cooking style at Mekong. Blended together with specially flown-in herbs, spices and ingredients of this region, diners encounter a perfect balance of tastes that pleasantly startle and surprise their palates.

The décor at Mekong is reminiscent of evocative memories and moods down a waterway - floating twigs, passing scenes and emerald hues, all adding to the effect of an Asian expedition. Boasting excellent views of the city, Mekong overlooks Mumbai's green oasis – the Racecourse with the Arabian Sea lapping the southern and western shores of Mumbai. 

Chef Sorada Intaprom & Chef Varun Gulati

Ms. Sorada Intaprom is the Thai Chef for Mekong; the signature Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant of Palladium Hotel, Mumbai. With over 20 years of rich culinary experience, Chef Sorada is well versed with the rapidly evolving field she is a part of. Specializing in Thai cuisine, Ms. Sorada has been instrumental in developing the concept of authentic Thai cuisine at Mekong.

Chef Sorada has spent over five years working with international hotels and resorts. Prior to her joining the Mumbai property, she has worked in Thailand, in addition to supporting and lending her expertise for events in Australia and China. 


Chef Varun Gulati is the Sous Chef at Palladium Hotel’s award-winning Asian restaurant, Mekong.

With a career spanning over 13 years, Chef Gulati comes with abundant experience that allows him to efficiently execute his current role as Sous Chef. Prior to joining Palladium Hotel, he garnered experience working with the finest chefs at various five-star hotels in India.

Chef Gulati’s career began in 2006 after graduating from the Welcome Group Management. He finds that working in an Asian Kitchen allows him the exposure to different complex culinary skills and unique ingredients. Chef Varun describes his daily grind in the Mekong kitchen as a high-pressure, fun learning experience. The dishes close to his heart include the ‘Prawns in Superior Sauce’ and ‘Peking Duck’ at Mekong.

Chef Gulati is a maestro at combining flavours from the Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese kitchen. His cooking style is best described as contemporary yet familiar. Some of his contributions to the Mekong menu include the Thai speciality ‘Crispy Tofu with Basil’ and the tiger prawn ‘Koong Kratium’. He prides himself on being an interactive chef and actively seeks feedback from his patrons to create à la minute menus. He has always preferred bespoke menus to the traditional à la carte menus. 

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