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Danke, Delhi

Posted on February 8, 2022

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been asked a few times by journalists how we went about selecting these restaurants. Simple - we first shortlisted restaurants based on our criterion that the restaurant must provide that overall experience rather than just good food. We were looking for places that could provide a memorable experience - impeccable service, unique ambience, beautiful tableware and of course, good food. Beyond that, we had to take into consideration cuisine, location, and whether it was a stand-alone or at a hotel (all these require balance). So that's how we ended up with our first 7 - there are a LOT more restaurants we would have loved to include, and in the future we will. The number should expand to 14 in September so you will have a lot of choice too.

Another thing we were often asked is how Delhi was different from Mumbai. Not much, when it comes to Restaurant Week. Aside from the statistic that 51% of RWD customers surveyed heard about it through newspapers (In Mumbai that was 25%). Which did actually cause some drama - we had an article in a newspaper printed without instructions on how to make a reservation (i.e., only through This was a minor hiccup, though - the numbers speak for themselves.

We had an allocation of 3,291 covers and received 2,600 or so covers. 215 of you were kind enough to fill in feedback forms and roughly the results are heartening. 78% had either a very good or good meal. 68% would go back to that restaurant based solely on their restaurant week menu; only 34% didn't think the restaurant was worth paying regular prices at. The second figure is likely to go down with time - people who truly appreciate food would feel this food is worth the money (even if some can afford it occasionally). Initially, people see Restaurant Week as a one-time 'deal'; with time, people realise its an excuse to eat out and try new places (or re-visit places you've forgotten about).It is, at its core, a celebration of culinary experiences.

The bad news is we need to earn revenue to sustain the expenses of Restaurant Week - it is a passion project, but none of our surnames is Ambani. So we will have to figure out the most palatable method for September.

In the end, thank you for participating in the inaugural Restaurant Week Delhi. Thank you for showing interest by requesting to be on the wait list - we hope to have a larger allocation next time around and, of course, more restaurants.

It's been a hoot, let's hook up again in a few months!

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