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…Aaaand, we’re back!

Posted on January 19, 2022

So, what have you been up to?

The RWI team has been, well, a bit debauched as always... but still alive. We lost our interns to education (stupid education!), one of our team members began work on a Mexican restaurant in Mumbai (though slowed down once the Tequila tastings started), one went off to Paris to 'learn culinary arts' and another is hard at work trying to set-up some sort of evil financial institution in Africa designed to take over the world. Cue, diabolical laugh.

But, we managed to pull it together and come up with the inaugural Restaurant Week Delhi - it will run from January 31 - February 06, 2022 and we have to admit, we loved the process of organising this one. Since we are based in Mumbai, it was always going to be a lot harder short-listing 10-12 restaurants to approach in order to narrow it down to a final 7. This involved a lot of eating (which is always difficult), and a lot of solicitation of opinions from people in the industry in Mumbai as well as friends and family in Delhi. The final list, we feel, is fairly balanced between cuisine, location and ambience and we hope you will appreciate the hard work our tummies went through during the process.

Reservations are now open for Delhi (; we will be announcing Restaurant Week Mumbai very soon too. Please help the cause by spreading the word, booking tables, and most importantly, trying out these restaurants and (hopefully) going back repeatedly.

The Restaurant Week India Peeps

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