Ocean, Hotel Sahara Star

Address: Hotel Sahara Star, Sahara Hospitality Ltd., Opposite Domestic Airport,Vile Parle-East, Mumbai-400099

About The Restaurant

Ocean – the Pan Asian restaurant set against the backdrop of oceanic treasures amidst the beauty of exotic species of fish in one of India’s largest aquarium to mesmerize you. The restaurant has a central view of the Grand Dome with an open interactive kitchen builds amidst the cascading water body. Ocean takes you on an exquisite fine dining journey.


<span lang="EN-US" 10pt;="" font-family:="" 'century="" gothic',="" sans-serif;="" "="">Chef Kroongtana Nimu is a Thai Nationale and holds a Degree in BA Faculty of Adults Education. Chef Nimnu learned the initial skills of cooking from his mom in Thailand at a very tender age. The interest was deep and soon he developed a passion for Thai and Chinese cuisine. He also experimented a lot with spa cuisine which aimed at offering a correct diet to spa enthusiasts in order to rejuvenate their senses. Having travelled the world, he came to India two years back. Chef Nimnu totally believes that Indians are great foodies and the trick is to customize the flavours as per their taste as much as possible. 

Participation History

Event NameMenu
Citibank Restaurant Week Mumbai April 2013 Menu
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