Known reservation exceptions

Although our concept is of seven days, two seatings each, there are a couple of exceptions in the booking system -

1) Due to Sunday Brunch at Indigo and Tote, they will both be unavailable on Sunday for the lunch time seating. This will be reflected in the system as a wait list in the availability field

2) Due to a large booking at San Qi on 11th night and 12th both seatings, this will reflect as wait list too

3) Since Koh by Ian Kittichai is a relatively smaller restaurant, we were unable to allocate any tables for two. So aim to book a table for four there please.

Happy booking!

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18 Responses to Known reservation exceptions

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  2. Neerja says:

    How is a 1000 rs a fraction of the cost
    Rang up one of the participating restaurants, the menu they offer costs 1500 rs any given day
    Here they give me no choice , and all i get is a 30 percent discount (1000Rs)
    And here I was raring to go sample them all!!

    Plus if i book a table for four, and I order two meals, what is their problem?
    Why do they insist on charging 4k plus tax?
    If someone is not satisfied by the serving size they would order more and be charged.then if someone finds the serving enough for two, that should also be allowed.
    After all the portion size is fixed!!
    Am Disappointed!

  3. admin says:


    Thank you for taking the effort to give us feedback.

    Firstly, we would like to point out that this isn’t a discount scheme; it is an excuse to go out and try new places or simply dine out more. The price is therefore not the focus - we simply had to have one price that was cohesive for all restaurants. Having said that, it is a fraction of what you would pay at any of these restaurants and an average three-course meal outside of Restaurant Week. Your calculation seems flawed, but even then I think you will find 7/10 to be a fraction.

    Secondly, it is clearly mentioned that it is a three course set meal with choice between vegetarian and non-vegetarian; if you wish to order additional items from the a la carte menu, that is possible too.

    Lastly, a set meal tends to be fixed in terms of size and a set meal is always charged per person anywhere. If you feel it is too much food, don’t opt for a set meal whether during Restaurant Week or otherwise.

  4. Karan G says:

    Neera stop complaining for no damn reason! This is a great initiative and its a great excuse to catch up with friends and eat out during the week and not just wait for the weekend. Stop complaining, eat how much you like, and enjoy the week. Dont be cheap!

  5. bijal says:

    the booking doesnt have an option for 3ppl, how do i go about incase i need to book for 3ppl

  6. Arjun says:


    I booked a table for 2 for tonight at San Qi, but was waitlisted. How do I know if I have moved up the waitlist or not? Will I only get a call if I have been given a table or will I also get a call saying “sorry, no table”?

    • admin says:


      I’m afraid we will call in case there is a cancellation. There are way too many people on wait list at certain restaurants for us to call and say sorry. So, for you, sorry if we don’t call!

  7. Ali says:

    None of the hotels i tried i could get availability. so out of curiousity i tried all the hotels and only stella at Leela was available. this site is of no use.

    • admin says:


      Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. We’ve been allocated a fixed number of tables for Restaurant Week from each restaurant so if it is already booked by others, there is nothing we can do. Try booking earlier next year.

  8. hitesh says:

    cant u hv don giovvani also in the list of the restaurant

  9. Divya says:

    Hi there

    Firstly you can’t register on this site without having issues ! I have been ‘registering’ for a few days now and each time get an SQL error.

    Then when I try to log in - it acknowledges me but says my username / password is wrong. Then the next says that my email is not verified. Erm just one problem - I haven’t even received the sign up email (even though I have signed up) and its no where to be found.

    All the restaurants have waitlist going on - and when you call the restaurant - you can’t even get the booking through them.

    I emailed your admin / reservations team 3 days ago - and still no response. Have sent another email again today. Maybe I’ll get a response since I’m using this particular form.


  10. Keyur says:

    I am getting error of E-mail address is not verified. I ahve not recweive any mail to verify the same.
    Please confimr

  11. amita says:

    We tried Tote’s on Sunday eve. The place did not look full at all- for which we were waitlisted for 2 days! The choices of the dishes were cheapest on the menu - so one did not get a real value for the money- may be a saving of 15-20%- The desert of white choc fondant did not say that one has to wait for 20 minutes to get it. We tried ordering with the main dishes and the waiter suggested that it will take the desert order later- then he tells us that we have to wait for it for 20 mins - but the actual time for that desert is close to 30 mins. Clearly even on the last day of the restaurant week the staff has not been prepared..!! Have not had chance to try any other restaurant since we were wait listed and then gently recommended to cancel our booking. Hope we have better experience next time!!

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