Reservation Status: Update


The reason we haven’t blogged since Tuesday morning was that we were originally planning to have daily posts on what tables are available where. A couple of things happened since then - we realised we were sold out for all dinners and most lunches + we had to change the system to not allow reservations within 24 hours of the seating (there were too many last-minute changes and we send out reservation lists to restaurants well in advance so that they can plan accordingly).

If you’re looking to get a table from now until Sunday, we suggest looking at lunch, which is generally either available or has a short wait list. Keep in mind that San-Qi isn’t available for Sat lunch and Sunday all day; Indigo and Tote are not available for Sunday lunch.

Also, we really appreciate your emailing us and letting us know about any cancellations in advance. For those who have confirmed, please do show up. There are likely to be people on the wait list who would have been able to go in your place if you let us know in advance. If you’re running ridiculously late, try your luck by calling the restaurant - some may still honour your reservation.

Lastly, we have sent out some auto-generated emails requesting for feedback, and it would be great if you managed to get all on your table to fill it out. If you haven’t received one, please do so here. This is anonymous and we would appreciate if you filled out one for each meal; try to get all on your table to fill it out if you can. This will be very helpful for us to bring you a better Restaurant Week next year.


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2 Responses to Reservation Status: Update

  1. Deepak says:

    I would like to share with you that I’ve had not a very pleasant experience with your restaurants.

    The menu seems to have been smartly chosen to fit the bill and does not seem to be way different if we ended up paying a full price on the menu.

    This is simply duping the customers. Your menu’s a fixed and not shared with the customer before he lands up at the restaurant to discover what could be on offer. At San Qi for instance we were treated with Dal Makhani and curried lamb that’s the last thing you go to an oriental restaurant in India for?

    I am quite disappointed!

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