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Say Hello to our Lovely Interns!

Posted on September 5, 2021

We would like to introduce you to the two most integral members of the Restaurant Week Team - our interns!  Tanya Vasunia (19) and Marina Kotwal (19) are working tirelessly to make sure that your Restaurant Week experience is phenomenal.  Don't be surprised to find one of them calling you to confirm your reservations.

Tanya has graduated from JB Petit High School as well as Cathedral and John Connon High School and is currently a student at The University of York (UK) doing a Bsc in Psychology.

Marina has graduated from J.B. petit high school as well as H.R. College of  Commerce and Econoics and currently is studying for her Bcom in H.R. College.

Make sure you are nice to them on the phone people!

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Posted on September 4, 2021

For those who would like to have a peek at the Restaurant Week menus before they go for their meal, we've attached these for you. They will, of course, look much better when printed.

While these are the final menus, they are of course subject to change during the course of the week (for example, a particular ingredient may be unavailable).

Please note that all items on the RWM menu are selected from the restaurant's a la carte menu.

Different restaurants have taken different stances: for India Jones, Diners get to try each item on the menu; for Koh by Ian Kittichai, it is more of a tasting menu; for the rest there is a simple choice to be made.

In no particular order:


India Jones






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Hum do, hamare do

Posted on September 4, 2021

Children. Let them not get in the way of a meal at one of the participating restaurants for Restaurant Week. While some restaurants do not permit children for dinner (Stella at the Leela Kempinski doesn't allow children under 10; Koh by Ian Kittichai doesn't allow children under 12).

For the rest, the best solution would be to book a table for two - i.e., the adults who will be having the restaurant week menu - and let us know if you would like a chair or two to be added to your table and your kids can order from the a la carte menu. Please email us in advance ( so that we can notify restaurants early on.

Hope this helps all those parents out there.

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Verification losing your reservation

Posted on September 1, 2021


When you search for a reservation and then sign-up, we will send you a verification. For most people, once the  verification link is clicked and the website confirms this, you should get a confirmation email and this will reflect in your profile.

IF you don't get this confirmation email AND your profile doesn't reflect that reservation, please log-in and try reserving again. We are looking into this bug - so check in case it happens to you.



UPDATE: 02 SEP - This has now been fixed as of this morning. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Known reservation exceptions

Posted on September 1, 2021

Although our concept is of seven days, two seatings each, there are a couple of exceptions in the booking system -

1) Due to Sunday Brunch at Indigo and Tote, they will both be unavailable on Sunday for the lunch time seating. This will be reflected in the system as a wait list in the availability field

2) Due to a large booking at San Qi on 11th night and 12th both seatings, this will reflect as wait list too

3) Since Koh by Ian Kittichai is a relatively smaller restaurant, we were unable to allocate any tables for two. So aim to book a table for four there please.

Happy booking!

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So here we are

Posted on August 31, 2021

So, seven days and seven restaurants. Three courses, a thousand rupees. It is a simple proposition for consumers, yet here we are, the night before this website goes live, testing it relentlessly and panicking over every small bug we can find. We've discussed this concept over a year ago and have been working hard at it since March. It will go live tomorrow; we will go to press tomorrow.

Some of you may be wondering why the secrecy, why absolutely no updates on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media thus far. The reason is simple - it is partly because of our many 'core values', one of them is that we ensure that all publications, whether they are online or in print, get a fair opportunity to write about Restaurant Week. It is a novel concept and it is being done for the first time in India - we think it is exciting enough to be written about. (There is also the tiny detail that this is a passion project for all four of us, and therefore we couldn't allocate much for advertising this year)

However you heard about us - whether through old media, social media or good old word of mouth, we request that you give the concept a shot. Book a table, try a new place. And most importantly, tell us what you think. We will send out a feedback survey to each member a day after their reservation - this is essential in ensuring that YOUR Restaurant Week gets bigger and better next year.

Back to testing, for now.

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