Say Hello to our Lovely Interns!

We would like to introduce you to the two most integral members of the Restaurant Week Team - our interns!  Tanya Vasunia (19) and Marina Kotwal (19) are working tirelessly to make sure that your Restaurant Week experience is phenomenal.  Don’t be surprised to find one of them calling you to confirm your reservations.

Tanya has graduated from JB Petit High School as well as Cathedral and John Connon High School and is currently a student at The University of York (UK) doing a Bsc in Psychology.

Marina has graduated from J.B. petit high school as well as H.R. College of  Commerce and Econoics and currently is studying for her Bcom in H.R. College.

Make sure you are nice to them on the phone people!

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One Response to Say Hello to our Lovely Interns!

  1. hitesh says:

    great job by these two young gals

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